About Us

Federal Drum Turning Machine Company; It was established in 1999. Federal Automotive Ltd. Sti. It serves in the Automotive Service Equipment industry. Since it was established, our company has been able to provide the best service and technical consultancy to its customers and dealers. It aims to grow by sharing the knowledge and experience gained by participating in seminars, training and application programs with its dealers and customers. Our Main Services: Federal Drum Lathe Machine, Drum Lathe, Drum Lathe Machine, Drum Lathe by Owner, Lathe Machine by Owner, Lathe Machine for Sale, Brake Drum Lathe, Drum Lathe 2 Hand, Drum Lathe, Disc Lathe Machine, Drum Lathe Machines, Drum Machine, Drum Lathe Machine, Drum Lathe Second Hand, Drum Lathe for Sale are service and equipment.

Federal Automotive Drum Turning Machine Service Equipment; continues its growth in parallel with the needs of the sector, by transferring innovations to its applications immediately. In this direction; It provides automotive service equipment, technical and training support, besides, by testing the problems of end-user vehicles and the possible causes of these problems in a healthy way, as a result of long-term R & D studies in dialogue with customers, we offer a drum lathe machine that will satisfy our customers and in line with the interests of our dealers. we are proud of.